Art is primordial in people’s lives. It forces us to think, to feel and see the world through different eyes. Art is a universal language capable of unifying humanity through its many facets. It’s an uncontrollable urge to express what our senses capture and then it remains, sometimes forever.

Artsynergia was created as a tool for companies, professional/amateur artists and art lovers, to shape a new concept of art market. Above all, Artsynergia is a community of talented artists potentially capable of creating cutting-edge products and surprise the entrepreneur/trademark owner. We find art in our homes, in our streets, and now in our business. The artist is already a key piece to communicate visually and to send messages and emotions to the world. From now on, if you want to distance yourself from your competitors, just hire an artist to be the voice of a still non visible business philosophy, excluded from local concept, nor the mostly invisible founder.

Kids are also invited to show their projects and grow artistically in our KidsArt Section. Educating the new generations through creativity is investing in the future. Encourage your son/daughter to show their skills in Artsynergia. Their art is their way of understanding the world. Teach him that it’s okay to be different and that diversity is what makes the world an interesting place.

Read here our terms and conditions for adults and children.


To create a new art market that can provide a job to those artists wishing to live their creativity, and promote overall talent to innovate and progress.


Being an icon of reference for companies and artists in the art sector. We want to be the first social network to promote business activity placing our bets on a niche market so far ignored and untapped. Our goal in the future is to consolidate this art market in order to professionalize art.


Passion: For art. For people. For what surrounds us.
Talent: Applying artistic talent to the business sector to increase sales and profitability. (b+a)
1+1=3: Teamwork for success.

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